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Katja Debevec (35)

Sport Climber

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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I am a sports person - I like different kinds of sports but my profession is sport climbing. I have been climbing for 16 years and competing on an international level since 2003.

The first time I came across this sport was in Rakitna, where I was because of my asthma. After that, my parents enrolled me in climbing school and since then, climbing has been very special for me. It is different than other sports in so many ways. There are many problems you have to solve; the whole body needs to be prepared, precision beats power and timing beats speed. The challenge of solving issues at bouldering competitions in the last seconds or struggling at the end of a hard route only furthers my motivation :).

I also started to know a different side of climbing as I began to help to conduct climbing courses for the recreational enthusiast.

Besides climbing I finished my degree in physiotherapy. During my studies, I got a closer insight into how the human body works, which helps me to work more efficiently when training.

Additionally I am a nature lover, I like to travel and getting to know different cultures and meet new friends, and I am a big chocolate lover :)