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Nina Zadravec (22)


Be who you are, as you mold yourself into who you want to become.

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I was obsessed with sports from my early childhood. Originally, I trained alpine skiing, then cross-country skiing and transitioned into biathlon during high school. A lot of people were perplexed by my choice and asked me how and why biathlon. Like, what regular girl wants to hold and fire a rifle? My mom took a similar path and I followed her footsteps. And I guess, I never wanted to be classified as a regular girl. At the beginning of the high school period, they formed our youth biathlete team, and I made the cut.

Apart from biathlon, I have a number of hobbies and passions. I would describe myself as a closet with numerous drawers. The only issue is sometimes I forget to close one before opening up the next. Know what I mean? My focus wants to flow in different directions, while I need to prioritize biathlon in order to achieve top results, which can be difficult at times. I like to dance, photoshoot and I absolutely love traveling and soaking in new sceneries, cultures and expanding my boundaries. Also, I am interested in psychology, spirituality, relationships, as well as women's health.

This year, I am starting with writing my thesis as I am wrapping up with environmental protection studies. Once I have my degree under the roof, I expect to fully commit to sports achievement and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Based on my selection of interests, I cannot foresee entering into a slump period following the end of my sports career, but am really excited to stay hungry for exploration of life and all of its twists and turns.