11. August 2020.
Hummus-chickpeas dish

Hummus – our favourite chickpeas dish

Hummus is traditionally prepared in the Middle East and it’s very popular in the Mediterranean countries. It is usually served as an appetizer and part of […]
28. July 2020.
bean burger recipes

Veggie Burger – One Really Easy Recipe

Yes, we know. When someone says burger you instantly think of minced meat. Well, today we are bringing you a veggie type of burger made from […]
7. July 2020.
peanut milk recipe 1

Make Your Own Peanut Milk/Drink

Perhaps you are dairy intolerant or you already drink milk from oats, soy or almonds, today we bring you a recipe on how to make yourself […]
18. June 2020.
guacamole avocado recipe

Guacamole – Squash that Avocado

The most famous dish made from avocado is guacamole. Some say it’s a dip, for others spread or even salad. The guacamole was a traditional meal […]