11. August 2020.
Hummus-chickpeas dish

Hummus – our favourite chickpeas dish

Hummus is traditionally prepared in the Middle East and it’s very popular in the Mediterranean countries. It is usually served as an appetizer and part of […]
4. August 2020.
cranberries biteme nutrition

Cranberries – Sweet & Sour Taste of Nature

A good workout starts even before you enter the gym. To perform well your body needs energy. During workouts you sweat and you lose nutrients that […]
28. July 2020.
bean burger recipes

Veggie Burger – One Really Easy Recipe

Yes, we know. When someone says burger you instantly think of minced meat. Well, today we are bringing you a veggie type of burger made from […]
21. July 2020.
lavender biteme nutrition

Lavender – The Scent of Mediterranean

Lavender. Its smell will take you back to the Mediterranean summers no matter what the time of the year it is. Seeing a field of lavender […]
14. July 2020.
iron food sports nutrition

Why We Need Iron and How It Affects Our Health

How many times have you heard that you need to check your iron blood levels? How often do you feel too tired and unable to do […]
7. July 2020.
peanut milk recipe 1

Make Your Own Peanut Milk/Drink

Perhaps you are dairy intolerant or you already drink milk from oats, soy or almonds, today we bring you a recipe on how to make yourself […]
30. June 2020.
pumkin seeds biteme nutrition

Pumpkin Seeds – a Natural Source of Magnesium

We love it roasted! Pumpkin seeds (pepitas) can be added to the dishes, but you can also eat them as a snack between the meal. Full […]
23. June 2020.
sign motivation biteme nutrition

How to Motivate Yourself to Move Foward?

Excellence is not inherited, winners do not wake up with a medal, there is no mysterious force or connections that will make you a successful athlete. […]