18. June 2020.
guacamole avocado recipe

Guacamole – Squash that Avocado

The most famous dish made from avocado is guacamole. Some say it’s a dip, for others spread or even salad. The guacamole was a traditional meal […]
16. June 2020.
trailrunning_running_biteme nutrition

What outdoor activities should you try in your free time or during your travels

We all strive to be fit and to stay active during the year. This means that even during our holiday or business trips we try to […]
10. June 2020.
almonds biteme nutrition

Almonds – Sweet and Nutritious Nutty Fruit

Do you love nuts? Consider adding almonds to your daily healthy habits! Although it is commonly accepted that it belongs to the group of nuts, almond […]
9. June 2020.
home workout

30 minute home workout when you can’t make it to the gym

We’ve all been in this situation when something came up and we couldn’t get to the gym. Skipping training shouldn’t be an option since you can […]
4. June 2020.
apricots fruit biteme nutrition

Apricots – healthy and nutritious orange treasure

Although the origin of the apricot is disputed, one thing is sure – this fruit dates back to 3000 years ago. Some say that the apricots […]
28. May 2020.
dates ingredient biteme bar

Dates – Food of Our Future

They are sweet, they are exotic, they are filled with nutrients. For thousands of years, dates were an amazing source of energy for the people living […]
26. May 2020.
Raw food BiteMe Bars

Raw Bars – Super Tasty and Natural Bites

Imagine, you have been taking care of your body for some time now. You have been exercising regularly and gave a special notice to the food […]
21. May 2020.
green tea biteme nutrition

Have a Cup of Green Tea

Today is International Tea Day! Some may remember that this day is celebrated on December 15 and they won’t be wrong. In 2019 on the recommendations […]