4. June 2020.
apricots fruit biteme nutrition

Apricots – healthy and nutritious orange treasure

Although the origin of the apricot is disputed, one thing is sure – this fruit dates back to 3000 years ago. Some say that the apricots […]
28. May 2020.
dates ingredient biteme bar

Dates – Food of Our Future

They are sweet, they are exotic, they are filled with nutrients. For thousands of years, dates were an amazing source of energy for the people living […]
26. May 2020.
Raw food BiteMe Bars

Raw Bars – Super Tasty and Natural Bites

Imagine, you have been taking care of your body for some time now. You have been exercising regularly and gave a special notice to the food […]
21. May 2020.
green tea biteme nutrition

Have a Cup of Green Tea

Today is International Tea Day! Some may remember that this day is celebrated on December 15 and they won’t be wrong. In 2019 on the recommendations […]
18. May 2020.
sports gym workout

Why is Sports Nutrition Important?

Do you consider yourself an active person? Could you say you work towards a healthy lifestyle? Maybe being active started to be a part of your […]