The journey to the best plant-based protein snack began with the first bite

Our founders cringed with every bite of the protein snack they tried.

So two athletes, one food technologist, and a business person put their heads together to come up with a better-tasting vegan, organic, plant-based, gluten and additive free snack.

Something tasty, yet healthy.

Something you could eat after a workout, give kids to take to a picnic, or even share with health obsessed friends who fear snacks.

They started with perfect, 100% organic ingredients.

First they made heavenly raw bars.

Tasty, sure, but their taste buds craved more pleasure.

A soft, melt-in-your-mouth (and your brain) kind of cookie.

A plant-based protein cookie.

With peanut, almond, cashew, or hazelnut butter inside for healthy fats and more plant-based protein.

Coated in white chocolate (or not, your choic

Best Healthy Snack in the World 2023
BITE ME are the best healthy snacks for work, school, or training.
Spread the healthy snack gospel to the world

Ask for a sample box

Want to stock BITE ME healthy, plant-based soft protein cookies without additives, gluten, refined sugars, or artificial sweeteners in your store or chain?

Start small.

Order a sample box of 6 boxes, each box 20 pieces, and see what the hype is about.

Once you taste the all-natural organic, vegan, plant-based goodness, send us the paperwork.

The good news is - the paperwork is done

BITE ME is already present in the EU, meaning all the quality assurance, market tests, and organic and production quality certificates are done.

Sellout as tasty as our cookies

We run edgy and funny social campaigns, use health, food, and clean living influencers, and engage with our audience across social networks.

Our catchy name and branding propel the product off the shelves.

We usually get the top-shelf positions since we are oh, so provocative and smart.

We create wobblers, shelf talkers, shelf dividers, or any POS material to nudge shoppers to try BITE ME. Once is enough.

No one can resist a healthy, soft, plant-based protein snack. No one! Not even your Mum!

As much volume as you need, quickly

BITE ME is produced in Europe. We want the freshest possible product on your shelves, so we have frequent production runs.

It also means we can scale your order within weeks, even if you need a full shipping container.

Send in your forms
Sweeten that healthy snack section with a steady supply chain BiteMe! baby one more time.

They stock BITE ME

Kaufland, Muller, BIPA, bio&bio, Mrkvica, Bonk, Fothia

Spar, Interspar, Muller, Mercator, Topatlet, Annapurna


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