Why B!TE ME?

Why B!TE ME? Because B!TE ME bar is a perfect snack for every occasion and easy to bring along. They do not melt or crumble and maintain their texture in both warm and cold temperatures. All B!TE ME bars have a completely different taste and they are ridiculously delicious.

What does “long-lasting energy” mean on a raw bar?

B!TE ME bar is made from dried fruits, nuts, and seeds and is completely junk-free. The energy in the bars comes from naturally occurring sugar found in dried fruits and also from nuts and seeds that are rich in “good fats” (unsaturated fatty acids). This combination provides you with long-lasting energy.

What do you mean by “natural sports nutrition”?

B!TE ME has no added sugar, only sugars naturally present in dried fruits. This makes it a source of energy that has a low glycemic index, which supports a steady release of energy into the body and does not lead to a “sugar crash”. Along with dried fruits, nuts, seed, and a hint of herbs and spices all from organic origin, there is nothing else. There are no additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors in B!TE ME bar so that makes it a perfect natural snack for any sport at any time.

Are B!TE ME products vegan?


Are B!TE ME products organic?


Are B!TE ME products GMO-free?


Will a B!TE ME bar melt in my pocket?

B!TE ME bar will not melt or crumble and maintain their texture in both warm and cold temperatures which makes it perfect for any bag, any place, and any occasion.

What does “digestion-friendly” actually mean?

All B!TE ME bars are a source of dietary fiber which have a positive effect on the digestive system by their prebiotic action.

Is there any sugar in your products?

Just sugars naturally present in dried fruits!

I saw “raw” products that are 70% raw, how raw are your products?

B!TE ME bar is 100 % raw!

Are B!TE ME products good for kids?

If they do not have any allergic reaction to nuts, dried fruits, or natural spices. Then B!TE ME products are perfect for them!

How do I choose a flavor to try?

Easy! Try them all, you will be glad you did. 🙂 You can order our sample/tester box!