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Organic. Clean. Delicious.

When preparing for our own adventures, we got frustrated by the choice:
food that is good for you or food that helps you push on. 
So we said "BITE ME" to all that and made real food that does both.
We wanted to show that natural nutrition for active people is possible. So we simply mixed organic goodies in perfect nutrition combinations that also taste good. That's it! 

Bite into B!TE ME!

100% Natural. Organic. Raw food for raw energy. Explore our products and find your favorite. Order your delicious raw bars today. You will be glad you did.

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Cocoa Jazz BiteMe
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Raw Energy Infusion - taste the true natural experience that lies within - creamy filling that will shake your taste buds.


While creating our recipes, we actively involved a large number of people in the development.
We tested the final recipes with great individuals.
Here is what they said...


During hard training, the most important thing for me is to get energy as quickly as possible. I can achieve that with lots of bars, but B!TE ME bars are by far my favorite. It's great that I can mix up the tastes as I like all 4 of them. If you are asking about my first pick it would be the Cocoa Jazz at the moment. It is important to me that the bars are without additives and unnecessary sugar. And as I am a visual person, I like that B!TE ME products & packaging look good as well!

Katja Debevec

Professional climber


B!TE ME satisfies my desire for sweets without feeling guilty about it. On the other hand, there is enough energy and protein from nuts which means I don’t have a powdery feeling while eating them. B!TE ME bars meet all my criteria. They are delicious. I definitely recommend it, and I think it can also be used by children as learning about healthy snacks. B!TE ME is a product that, along with athletes, is suitable for everyone who likes a healthy and quality snack.

Silvia Šimunović



I’m trying to eat natural and healthy food as much as possible. I was thrilled with B!TE ME bars because they are just that. They are organic, healthy and natural without bad sugars, and at the same time, they significantly raise energy. And the mood as well! :) Besides, it has a great name and looks fantastic! I use B!TE ME bars during my Mtb marathon races, as well as during longer cycling training sessions, but also whenever I feel the need for sweets or extra energy! My favorite bar is Salty Brunch because it has both - salty and sweet flavor.

Milo Pilski

Mountain biker - XC & XCM racer


I just adore these bars. They are natural, vegan and very tasty. I eat them before and after training, whenever I feel like it, sometimes even for dessert. Currently, they are the best raw bars I've ever eaten.

Nina Zadravec



My favorite B!TE ME flavor is Salty Brunch. The reason is that I prefer savory food. Of course, that doesn't mean that Salty Brunch has a lot of salt, I just like it most. Apart from the taste of the bars, I find it more important that they are produced without any additives so you can be sure that you will eat a healthy and natural snack. I usually take B!TE ME before and after a workout or when I don’t have time for lunch at work. Then I’ll probably have two.

Matt Marenić

Runner & Blogger


During my long runs, cycling training, or races I always use bars as practical food to eat. Therefore the taste of the bars is very important to me, as are their ingredients. I want them to be as healthy as possible and without bad sugars. That is where B!TE ME jumps in! B!TE ME bars are great and I always have them with me during long workouts. My favorite is Mediterraneo with cool lavender flavor!

Tamara M.

Ultra Trail runner


I often go trekking. As I try to trek light, I only take enough water and something small (and sweet) to eat. BiteMe bars are exactly what I needed. My favorite is Cocoa Jazz and now it's always in my backpack. Even my dog loves it!

Sandra B.

Mountain lover


Who the hell has the time to balance the efficiency vs health benefits of food?
We do. We also believe that sharing is caring, so subscribe! 

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