30 minute home workout when you can’t make it to the gym

We’ve all been in this situation when something came up and we couldn’t get to the gym. Skipping training shouldn’t be an option since you can do quite a good workout at home.

To give you a boost and motivate you, we have prepared a 30 minutes home workout that you can do when you can’t make it to the gym.

If you don’t have any fitness equipment at home, like weights, rubber band, bike or ball, these 7 exercises will make blood pumping through your muscles.

Let’s start a home workout

You’ll do three rounds of 7 exercises, doing each for 60 s with a pause of 15 s between each. Between each round you’ll make a 1,5 minute break and drink a bit of water. The total time you’ll need for your home workout is 30 minutes.

Do some stretching before you start just to warm up your joints. Start from head to toes.

7 exercises to stay in shape (even when you can’t make it to the gym)

1. Jumping Jack – not all like J.J. but we need to raise our body temperature. Although there is a harder version of J.J., this time will do the “lighter” ones. Doing Jumping Jacks is never easy but we are sure you’ll fall in love with it.

So how do you do a Jumping Jack? Before you start jumping, stand upright, arms at your sides and legs together. Bend your knees slightly and jump into the air. When you jump, spread your legs and stretch your arms out and over your head (in this position your hands are above your head, and legs stretched). From this position you jump to the beginning position. Do the exercise at your pace but try not to stop for 60s.

If you’re a visual type, here’s a short video on how to do Jumping Jacks.

2. Front Plank (elbow plank) – If there is an exercise that you should do daily, the plank is the one. A plank engages multiple muscles at once – your back, abdomen. It will for sure strengthen your core but burn the fat around your abdomen.

So, what is the plank position? There are numerous options on doing plank, but this time you’ll do the front plank (the basic one). Lie on the floor with your elbows directly under shoulders, palms down and hands facing forward. Extend legs and lift your torso holding on you elbows and toes. Think about your back! Don’t let your lower back arch down or too much up, don’t bend your knees. You should be in a position similar to push-ups. Your torso and legs should be tightened and aligned. Master a right position to get maximum from the plank. Hold it for 60s.

Here’s a video on how to do the Front Plank:

3. Leg Raises  – Let’s see how to work your lower abs and legs with this simple (not easy) exercise. Lay on the back, put your legs straight and start lifting them to 90 degrees, and pull them back down. Think about your back, shoulders and abs before you lift your legs. Do it slowly. Make sure your back is glued to the floor. You have 60s, do it at your own pace.

Here’s a video with detail instructions:

4. Squats jumps – Let’s make your quads (quadriceps) and butt burn (gluteals)!

How to do the squat jumps? Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. You start your jump from the squat. When landing, lower your body back into the squat. Be careful when doing this exercise. It is very important that you pay attention to your posture before jumping and prior landing. Think where your knees are as they shouldn’t go over your toes, do not bend too much forward as your chest should always be higher than your hips. You have 60s. Do it at your own pace.

We’ve found a video that explains really well how to do a proper jump squat, so take a look if you’re not sure how to do it:

5. Push up – Let’s work on our upper body! Do push-ups! Whatever kind of push up you can do, do it now. Keep your back straight, head aligned with the body. Do as many push ups as you can, but do them right. You can do a bent knee push-up if the “normal” ones are hard for you. Do it for 60s at your own pace.

This is how you do your push ups:

6. Forward lunge – in this exercise it is very important that you bend your knees properly. How to do it. From the upright stand make a longer step forward with the right leg. Bend both knees while you keep your body upright. Be careful that your right knee does not go over your toes. Make sure your back leg also makes 90 degrees never touching ground. Push back with your right foot heel to return to the standing position. Do the same movement with the left leg, and repeat. 

This video will demonstrate how to do Forward lunge properly:

7. Mountain climbers – we’ve come to our last exercise that is also pretty dynamic and it will work several muscles simultaneously and for sure increase your heart rate.

How to do mountain climbers? Put yourself in plank position (your hands are on the floor under your shoulders, your torso is straight and you’re on your toes – like doing a push-up but with straight arms). Hold that position. First bring the left leg to the chest, like you wish to hit the left elbow, and take it back. Now bring your right leg and bring it to the chest, like you wish to hit your right elbow. And repeat.

Make sure you do the Mountain climbers the right way:

Let’s sum all up:

  • Number of exercise: 7
  • Exercices time: 60 s
  • Break between exercise: 15s
  • Rounds: 3
  • Break between the rounds: 1,5 minutes
  • Total amount time needed: 30 minutes

And before you know it, your home workout is done! We have chosen exercises that we also practice not only when we miss the gym but when we go to the gym we just add weights, rubber band or more reps. Don’t forget to take care of your healthy eating habits as well. Working out is just one part of being fit. Find out more about sports nutrition.

Find out how to workout on specific muscle groups! Muscle Wiki can help you with additional exercises that you can easily incorporate in your 30 minute home workout.

Keep up the good work and stay fit!

Note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Even these exercises, like any other, are inherently dangerous and can result in personal injury. Any injury is solely the responsibility of the exerciser. BiteMe Nutrition disclaims any liability from injury from the use of any suggested exercises. We suggest that you always consult a professional (trainer or physician if needed).