We provide healthy, energy-sustaining products that fuel your every MOTION, and thus let you keep focusing on the EMOTION that drives you. Ultimately, we want you to say B!TE ME to all of the things that hold you back and push through to your goal.


We are guided by the mission to enable and accelerate natural sports nutrition throughout Europe. In doing so, we focus on innovating through both the taste and product format level. Compared to traditional energy or sports bars, our products paint a colorful story through their flavors, present a noticeably lower glycemic index, sugars, and are nutritionally bespoke for endurance and outdoor activities. Over a longer horizon, we are building an all-natural nutrition concept, which will be adopted across the board, in all product formats, including bars, powders and liquids - a feat unaccomplished by a brand or company thus far. Our end goal is to familiarize active individuals and enthusiasts with the notion of natural nutrition, and that it has sufficiently developed to support the entirety of their training regimes or physical activities.


At B!TE ME we want to lead a global movement toward a new standard approach to sports nutrition, built on the grounds of real-world sports needs, expert experience, natural recipes, and a broader understanding of our connection with the environment.


Courageous, passionate, and determined. The group of people who break the mold, which willingly and with determination blaze their own path, because they cannot be bothered by the ordinary. Those who are not afraid to face the unknown, to jump into the deep waters, despite inevitable challenges and hardships – or then again, maybe just because they are given the opportunity to bite and push through them by doing so.


Pillars of B!TE ME movement:

Attitude: Whether you think you can or you can't, you are probably right.
Fortitude: Quitting is no big deal... if you exceeded your own expectations.
Gratitude: Knowing how much we owe the lives we live to our environment is the path toward a better future.

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