BiteMe Nutrition Company

Are we superheroes?
Probably not. (but give us a call, Marvel people).
Are we on a rescue mission?
We might be.

Don’t be surprised, but we are here to rescue humans from themselves.

We provide healthy, energy-sustaining products that combat your bad habits, fight your messy lifestyle and fuel your every day, helping to focus on things that drive you.  

It became our responsibility to create an innovative all-natural nutrition concept, through both the taste and product format levels. And become a global super-mega-gigantic-colossal nutrition star. Who wouldn’t want that?

Ultimately, we want to help YOU say BITE ME to all of the things that hold you back as we got your back when it comes to a healthier way of life!




Don’t be surprised, but bars, cookies, and other natural food can have life goals.

 And there is only one goal on our mind: to lead a global movement toward a new standard of healthy nutrition. 

We love our products the way we love our buyers: all-natural, yummy, packed with flavor and healthy goodies. Yeah, it does sound a bit weird when you read it out loud, but we can live with it.

Hopefully, you can too.

Contact information:

BiteMe Nutrition d.o.o.

e-mail: | phone: 00385 95 858 0265

adress: Av. Dubrovnik 15//12, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

VAT number: HR19452381062