Raw Bars – Super Tasty and Natural Bites

Imagine, you have been taking care of your body for some time now. You have been exercising regularly and gave a special notice to the food you eat. But that one day you forgot to have lunch but you know you can’t eat a lot before going to the gym. Thanks to many of us who also take care of our bodies and had a similar problem, we have made tasty raw bars that fit our active lifestyle.

What is raw food?

The most obvious definition would be that raw food is a food that has not been cooked. Although this term refers to food that is unsafe to be served raw such as raw meat, today raw food is a term that is used to emphasise healthy raw products such as raw bars. And this is the context that we’ll use this term as well. 

Behind the raw food diet is an idea that heating food destroys its nutrients and natural enzymes that are here to boost our digestion and fight chronic diseases. There are many other claims why raw food is good for you. Some claim that a raw food diet can clear up headaches and allergies, and boost the immune system… However not everyone agrees with that.

Raw food are foods that have not been cooked and processed, or not heated over 48C. This type of diet often includes fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains, nuts, seed and fermented foods. Yes, there are some clear benefits to eating raw, but let’s not forget some potential problems. Some food contains dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that can only be eliminated by cooking. Uncooked and unpasteurised food are linked to food-borne illness, that’s why it is important to thoroughly wash food and to be extra careful with risky food. Some people shouldn’t eat raw food, so make sure you are not one of them. Ask your doctor.

Raw food diet is not easy to follow, but thanks to products like B!TE ME Bar you can have a raw snack during the day.

So now we know more about the raw food diet, let’s find out more about raw bars.

What is the benefit of eating raw bars?

The benefit of eating raw food is that it makes you avoid eating processed foods and it makes you think about what you eat! It’s not convenient to eat the whole lunch if you are between the meetings or you’re about to rush to the gym. Maybe you’ve just finished your workout and you need to refuel until you get home and prepare yourself a complete meal. This is where raw bar steps in giving you just enough carbs, fat and proteins. 

Raw bars are excellent food if you’re into outdoor sports as it gives you easily digestible sugars that your body needs to perform well. Raw bars are not just addition to sports nutrition but are important part of any serious athlete who wishes to eat healthy.

What makes a good raw energy bar?

B!teMe Bars are completely raw bars. All ingredients are natural, mix together in a perfect blend of aromas. In B!TE ME Bars you won’t find any additives, sugars, artificial preservatives etc. We took special care while picking up ingredients and combining them together. Our raw bars contain only sugars that naturally exist in ingredients that we’ve chosen. Like sugars from fruits (apricot, dates, cranberries etc.) As active persons we took care to choose ingredients that have good amounts of nutrients – vitamins and minerals, that’s why we added pumpkin seeds, nuts, and fruits. We’ve even chosen gluten free ingredients.

Take a break, take a BiteMe Raw Bar

Make sure you have your tasty bite with you. Check out BiteMe Nutrition products and explore different tastes of B!TE ME bars. Let us know what is your favourite raw bar: Lemon Crush, Cocoa Jazz, Mediterraneo or Salty Brunch.