Lava Cookies Mix Box

3 BITE ME flavors

Treat yourself to every lava cookie flavor BITE ME makes:

  • 8 Nougat Rush Lava Cookies
  • 8 Almond Butter
  • 8 Cashew Butter

A healthy snack for every occasion.

100% natural and organic.

Order a box and see what the hype is about.

See all of the ingredients and detailed nutritional information below.

Box of 24 pcs
48,00  (361,66 kn)

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Gluten free
Plant based proteins
No additives
No added sugar
BITE ME are the best healthy snacks for work, school, or training.


Organic raw cookie with creamy nut filling!

Treat yourself to a delicious lava cookie.

Enjoy the creamy plant butter surprise in every bite.

Organic, vegan, gluten-free, high-fiber Lava Cookies are a great snack for school, sports, studying and going out.

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