What outdoor activities should you try in your free time or during your travels

We all strive to be fit and to stay active during the year. This means that even during our holiday or business trips we try to include physical activity into our schedule. If you are a fan of gyms you could always check out before booking, if your hotel has one for its guest. If not, then we’ll give you tips on what you can do, not only to stay active but to make your travel amazing and adventurous. We bring you our top 5 outdoor activities.

Running (and Trail running)

Running is probably the simplest thing you can do. You only need a good pair of shoes, tights and a dry fit shirt, and you’re ready to go. If you are not sure where to run, ask the receptionist at the hotel, some local, download some route on your mobile (or watch) from other runners online. If you feel safe and you’re sure you won’t get lost, then just hit the road.

Replace concrete with soil or gravel and find a local park or discover nature surrounding your temporary destination.

If you’re planning a longer run, think about taking a camel bag or at least a bottle of water. And something to bite if you feel you’re losing energy. B!TE ME bar is always a good companion. We’ve chosen the best from nature to make a natural raw mix of nutrients that active persons need.

Don’t like running alone? Find a local club or check if there’s a race nearby that you can join.

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Trekking or Mountaineering

If you’re good with maps, you like nature or you have some previous experience with mountain climbing, check if there’s some hill or mountain that you can climb. Make sure you have suitable shoes, clothes and a backpack. Think about your fitness level and don’t overestimate yourself. 

A few hours in the woods or a day in nature is an excellent way to stay active and pump leg muscles. Fresh air will be good for your lungs and the sun will help your body produce vitamin D. 

Note: Protect your skin, eyes, head – wear suitable clothing, sunglasses, hat, drink enough fluids during outdoor activities. Be careful when staying longer in the sun. Always have something to eat. Snacks such as B!TE ME raw bars are a good option as they contain natural sugars, good fats and proteins to give you extra energy.  

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If you wish to try rafting, then the first thing to do is to make sure you find a reliable rafting provider. A tour agency with an experienced skipper and proper equipment is mandatory. There are different levels of difficulty that show how hard (or dangerous) some river is. It also depends on the time of the year as the water level changes. Always ask the agent if this type of activity is suitable for you (and your friends). Have in mind that rafting is an extreme sport and as such is dangerous, especially for the inexperienced.

At the beginning of the rafting adventure, you will be given equipment, protective life jacket and helmet are mandatory (don’t go on rafting without it!). Tour leader – a skipper, will give you precise instructions that are important to follow during the whole tour. 

Except for the mandatory equipment you’ll need appropriate shoes, clothing and bathing costumes. During the colder season, you’ll get a neoprene suit, socks and/or boots, gloves and sometimes a waterproof jacket. Prepare also dry clothes that will wait for you at the end of your rafting adventure.

If you like this kind of outdoor activity, water and nature with a high dosage of adrenalin, rafting is something you should try. And let’s not forget, it’s almost the whole body workout – biceps, triceps, abs, back, legs – you’ll need every muscle to conquer the water.


Kayaking or Canoeing

If rafting seems too adventurous, but you still like water, then try a lighter version – kayaking or canoeing.

And while you might sing “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…” the true fans of kayaking will give you THAT look tell you it’s paddling. You can have your kayak adventure on the river or at the sea. Don’t get discouraged if you have never paddled before. Your guide will tell you how to direct your kayak, to hold a paddle, give you a life jacket and all show you all safety measures. You’ll be ready in no time. Even kids love this kind of activity and with ease jump in the kayak and paddle away. 

Kayak allows you to enjoy crystal clear sea or untouched rivers, to slip into hidden coves, visit natural phenomena or even cultural heritages that might be on your way. Just imagine getting to the hidden beach and having it for your own. 

While paddling you get to work out your upper body. 

Note: protect yourself during the hot sunny day. Bring a hat, water and have a BiteMe bar with you. 😉



You didn’t bring a bike? Well, that’s not an excuse to go for a ride. We are quite sure that any tourist destination has at least one bike rental.

If it’s a city you’ll probably find city bikes and you should use them to discover a city and see as much as you can. If you wish to go to nature or you are an experienced biker, find a good mountain bike to hit the road. Nature trails or bike trails are something you should look for. Local tourist board offices usually have printed maps and we are sure that you can ask for suggestions. In some destinations you can find enduro trails that are intended only for experienced mountain bikers.

Bike rides could take you to astonishing landscapes, reaching the magnificent viewpoints and discovering hidden gems of one destination. 

Before going on a bike tour or just a ride, make sure you don’t underestimate the chosen route. Put on a helmet, have proper clothes, take water and B!TE ME snacks to make your ride sweeter. 🙂

Do you have your favorite outdoor activities? Let us know what else should we try and where. Send us an email, comment on our social pages. You can even send us your story and we will share it with our fans.